About Lumco Manufacturing
Contact Information
Lumco Manufacturing Company

2027 Mitchell Lake Road
Lum, MI 48412

Phone: 810-724-0582
Fax: 810-724-0583

Office Manager: Mary Addison
CEO/President: Michael Morris

2010Lumco Manufacturing patented the external deburring of welded pipe.
2010Lumco Manufacturing Company was purchased by Michael Morris.
2008Patented ID scrap chopping tools.
2006Design and build standard size double end boring machines.
2000Developed the pencil mills.
1999Developed indexable drills.
1996Developed CNC ceramic production equipment and developed CNC pick and place loaders.
1995Accelerate crankshaft equipment development
1994Purchased engineering and rights to produce Brettrager Machines.
1991Developed standard indexable endmill product line.
1985Engineering department switched to computer-aided design.
1983Developed turn broaching machines and tooling in conjunction with Pontiac Motors
1973Patented special crankshaft tooling.
1971Developed special milling cutter product line and developed special high density boring bars.
1968Lumco Manufacturing Company was incorporated by Patrick and John Gleason. Lumco than began providing GM with cutting tools.