Lumco Manufacturing - Cutting & Milling Tools
Lumco Manufacturing has over 40 years of engineering and manufacturing experience in the cutting tools industry. We can engineer and manufacture both standard and custom components and inserts to meet your needs. We can reverse engineer and troubleshoot tooling to help resolve issues.

We work with our customers to combine tooling to minimize tool change to increase throughput and efficiency. Lumco offers special carbide inserts for our tooling designs. We will stock your inserts and provide fast delivery if needed.

We have a dedicated repair department for all cutting tools. We will straighten, repair damaged shanks and pockets, and restore back to original specifications. We offer emergency repair services as well.

With Lumco's experience we can engineer and build almost any tool.

Milling Cutters
Lumco can engineer and manufacture a variety of milling cutters.
  • Ball Nose End Mills
  • Bulk Head Cutters
  • Hollow Mills
  • Saw Milling Cutters
  • Internal Milling Cutters
  • Button Cutters
  • Shell Mill Cutters
  • Pencil Mills
Lathe and Boring Tools
Lumco can engineer and manufacture a variety of lathe and boring tools.
  • Line Boring Bar
  • Precision Boring Tools
  • Variety of Special Boring Tools
Lumco can build a variety of broaches.
  • Camshaft Broaches
Lumco can engineer and manufacture a variety of drills.
  • Spade Drills
  • Special Drill and Spotfacer Cutters
  • Deming Drill
Lumco can engineer and manufacture custom tools for a variety of applications.
  • Special Counterbore Tools
  • Crackshaft Plunge Tool Holders
  • Indexable Countersink and Chamfering Tools