• Welcome to Lumco Manufacturing Welcome to Lumco Manufacturing

    Lumco provides high quality equipment, machine components, and tooling.
  • 8 Your Tooling Partner

    Lumco has over 40 years of engineering and manufacturing experience in the cutting tools industry
  • 3 Tube and Pipe Mill Industry Solutions

    Lumco has over 15 years of experience developing and manufacturing components in the tube and pipe industry.
  • 4 Precision Machining Services

    Lumco can help you machine the parts you need for your business.
  • 5 Dedicated Repair and Service

    Lumco has a dedicated repair department for all cutting tools, including custom tools.
  • 7 Custom Machines & Automation Equipment

    Lumco can design and build special machines for many industries and applications.
  • 2 Lumco Equipment

    Lumco utilizes industry standard equipment and has the engineering expertise to get the job done.
Lumco Manufacturing
Lumco Manufacturing Company is a growing manufacturing and service company aimed at offering high quality, reasonably priced custom machines and automation equipment, machine components, and tooling. Lumco offers precision machining services as well.

We view ourselves as partners with our customers working as a team to meet their goals.

Our goal is to establish a long term association based on mutual trust.
About Lumco Manufacturing
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Custom Machines

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